Do You Have A Mobile Strategy?
"1 minute Presentation"


  • - Clothing / Retail

    Grandprize / Offer; Win 100% Discount - The prize; 30% Discount on any jeans

  • - Bars / Restaurants

    Grandprize / Offer; Win a Free Drink on the House - The Prize; Buy 1 Cocktail, get 1 free

  • - Dealerships

    Grandprize / Offer; Win $10.000 trade-in rebate - The prize; $500 trade-in rebate if you decide in 30 minutes

  • - Any Company

    Grandprize / Offer; Win a FREE Pizza - The Prize; FREE PIZZA with every purchase over € 22.50



Your window, storefront, a poster, billboard, table talker or a pavement sign is perfectly suited to connect with any customer or passer-by to interact through his / her mobile phone so they give themselves the opportunity, to win your product, packaged as a prize or super interesting discount.

But first, you obviously need to have a compatible mobile advertisement (prize) or have one build. I'am not talking about apps or beacons, or a mobile website, no just a ordinary web address , a internet address, the location of 'your' mobile ad. A location like this ( . Your 'prize' should look super slick, being a short address that anyone can scan or type in a mobile browser, within 5 seconds.

We build these mobile rich media ads, but also the posters/tags (signage) in order for the audience to engage and connect. Click on the below demo campaign poster beneath. Try it. Use your mobile to scan the qr code or simply enter that short url in (or click the web address, of the prize to be won) on any mobile/tablet or Pc

Mobile Campaigns

Do you see one you like? A concept, you think would be suitable for your clientele. Posters and Tags are a part of the campaings we deliver.

How to connect via mobile?

Your storefront, posters, tags, billboards, table talkers and pavement signs are perfectly suited to connect with any customer or passer-by

Is it right for you?

I honestly don't know, i think so. Do you have a location that attracts large crowds of passers Then for sure...


Will You be Punished For Not Offering A Online Mobile Entrance!

Selling your product or service, with all the online competition, is getting harder and harder. Being a local retailer, you start to understand the necessity to compete with your online competitors, and offer your clients a entrance to your mobile presence. Seasondeals can help you in accomplishing that. Have 'the audience' SHARE YOUR DEALS, where you HARVEST CUSTOMER DATA, and have your APP DOWNLOADED


By deploying mobile/digital Scratch & Win games, you not only bring your product / service to the attention of the audience on their smartphones, but have them share your deals and promotions on facebook, give them a entrance to your app and automatically harvest customer data!


  • - 1 : What percentage of your customers, visitors and passersby will come along with their wallet, and cell phone? Are you already advertising to mobile, in order to reach this group?
  • - 2 : Do you have any kind of loyalty system running and are you trying to get to know your customers, by collecting customer data and information, during their visits? Do you see its usefulness? Would mobile be a appropriate add-on? How do your customers respond to your Newsletter / Advertising via email? Could you add digital coupons / vouchers, to your email campaigns?
  • - 3 : Do you think mobile interaction, is supplemental to your current engagement methods? 3b. Do you think mobile campaigns would be suited for your clients and customers? --> Download Orderform
  • - 4 : What do your perceive being a higher quality campaign; This mobile Pastapizza Campaign or this Scratch & WIn a free drink contest?
  • - 5 : In real live we see a high response rate, when consumers notice, real prizes or discounts that can be won, they like to participate. Many companies offer printed/paper version scratch and win games. Do you think your customers, would be inclined to participate, on their smartphones?
  • - 6 : Obviously, you cannot give away free items and grand prizes over and over; But imagine, your customers don't win your first prize, but they all win your 2nd prize; For instance - Buy one cocktail, get one free or buy 1 dessert, get one 50% off... and, they would regard and perceive this, as a prize they won? And the moment they win, a stop watch counts down, from 10 / 30 minutes down, showing the expiration of the offer. After that, the prize / offer is no longer valid. What is your opinion, in your industry, would this result in customers and visitors, who decide to accept the prize they won, being your offer?
  • - 7 : In a mobile set-up, for a long time there is no interaction with a vendor / sales person. No positive interaction, but also no negative. Do you think, customers with a mobile will perceive this as positive or negative, not being addressed in advance. Like at any gas station, nowadays...
  • - 8 : It's a daily routine, where shoppers visit your location, but leave without buying. No problem. But, did you ever consider those visitors, you expect to leave without buying, in triggering them by making them a personal offer, and seduce them in making a buying decision? Not by personally "nagging them or pushing your product" , but triggering them via mobile, would that be an option in your industry?
  • - 9 : Selling, and making actual sales in any industry, undoubtedly requires certain qualities, where everybody is different. For example part-timers, or those who are naturally less qualified from a sales perspective/angle, would they benefit from and find support in, mobile being a sales assistant?
  • - 10 : Do you think running seasonal promotions through mobile coupons, vouchers and Scratch & Win / Save campaigns, (eg the themes Black Friday or Christmas) would complement your current business proposition?
  • - 11 : Is your industry, and are the client groups you target, pre dominantly restrained or more interested in a mobile / digital approach and more contemporary, considering mobile, as being complimentary?
  • - 12 : Do you see 'APPS' as a means of mobile customer contact, for smaller businesses? US consumers have a average of 24 apps installed, where their bank, facebook and twitter, are the three most prominent. What are the chances, a mom-and-pop shop, would have their APP downloaded, you think? What would be a better solution you think; Developing an app, or use HTML5 as the carrier of digital content? Are you using social media, like facebook and twitter ,to engage clients?
  • - 13 : There are signs of a increasing appetite for mobile contactless payments. Do you see mobile as a medium, as a threat or complementary!  And, can you ignore mobile for the future, without actually losing turnover?
  • - 14 : In and around your location, can you see the added value, mobile could offer?. Would your clientele be inclined to connect with you, in order to grab your deals and promotions, with mobile being the medium?
  • - 15 : Well, the example campaigns on this page, undoubtedly have given you some suggestions and ideas, on what's possible. What sort of mobile campaigns, you think, would benefit your business, and would be able to help you increase customer contact, grow your databases and increase sales?


Actually, it is quite simple. Put your campaign poster on your Facebook Fanpage and offer all your deals, offers and promotions to anyone, but especially make them available to your most loyal customers and followers. If your Scratch & Win promotion automatically allows sharing, you will also benefit from a serious viral effect, depending of course on the quality of your promotions.



Simply outsource, and have our campaign team build your mobile campaign. Your production coordinator will craft a mobile promotion and guarantee it will meet your business's needs. Then review your thoughtfully crafted Rich Media Ad Unit, for accuracy. Once approval is given, we're ready to go!

To make your current marketing campaigns more interactive and engaging, you can add Mobile Coupons and Scratch & Win to the mix. Use our experienced campaign team to offer you a mobile entry via QR codes and Short URL in print and digital media, to capture new customers in your mobile marketing database.

Want Some Mobile Help! Give Our Campaign Team A Try.

Every person who connects, scratches for a prize or joins your mobile loyalty program, is captured in your mobile/email database. From there, we can reach out with targeted mobile offers to drive visit and purchase behavior. We offer mobile campaigns from $ 99,- ... and up... Give us a call: +1 (800) 921-4380 ext. 235 or mail to

The Team - The campaign team (deal_creatives) is composed of people with different backgrounds. Sales, Marketing, Support, Tech and Development all take part. Mees and Sabine bring a wide range of marketing and product experience to help spread the word on our Campaign Monitor. Erna was a successful campaign monitor customer until we lured her onto our campaign team. She now provides amazing service to our customers. From bank teller to nanny and now to campaign support team member, Margje has had a life long focus on helping people get things done..


Indeed, we build you a mobile campaign for less then $100...

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Our pricing is based on the number of clients using your campaign. The more customers using your campaign(s) on a monthly basis, the higher the cost. The average retailer however, is covered with the 2.500 coupons/claims connected to the smallest plan, where is it easy to increase to a larger plan.


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